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24th Oct 2019

‘Silent’ haircuts now exist for people who hate making small talk in a hairdresser

Would you avail of this service?

Denise Curtin

‘You busy today?’

‘You must be wrecked standing on your feet all day, Mary?’

‘Yeah, Cian just moved to Oz and sure, the house is awful lonely without him.’

We all know the exact same small talk that happens at the hairdresser, it’s similar to the small talk when you get your nails done, when you hop into a taxi, it’s often unavoidable and the only reason we’re doing it is to break the awkward air.

BUT, the year is 2019, nearly 2020 and changes are occurring. London-based hairdressers, Not Another Salon, are hoping to cut the small talk for those who’d prefer to sit in silence, read a magazine or enjoy a coffee with their new ‘silent’ service.

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Basically, the silent service means the only small talk is discussing your cut and then it’s peace and quiet for the rest of the appointment.

No chat about the workplace, no discussion about Cian in Melbourne, nada.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Sophia Hilton, owner of Not Another Salon said:

“In order for us to be a true non-judgment company we need to consider all our client’s needs. With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn’t be more important”.

So there you have it.

Is this a service you’d avail of?