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20th May 2024

When is the second part of Bridgerton landing on Netflix?

Kat O'Connor

Bridgerton is back and better than ever

Fans have binged the latest season of Bridgerton way too quickly and are now dying for part two to come out.

We only have to wait a handful of weeks, but it feels like far too long.

It took two years for season three to air so waiting longer for part two feels a little unfair.

But there’s no doubt it will be worth it.

There’s no doubt Nicola Coughlan will blow fans away in the second instalment, but when will it air?

The next four episodes of Bridgerton are set to air on June 13th, Netflix has confirmed.

Netflix asked the Bridgerton team to split the show in two after it was written and produced. However, Jess Brownell said it worked out very well.

The show-runner told Town & Country: “We did have a choice of where we wanted to split it, and it really worked perfectly to split it into equal parts.”

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t watched the new season then let this be your spoiler alert.

The writer said part one ends at the most perfect moment between Colin and Penelope.

“That moment where Colin asks Pen to marry him is in many ways the completion of the first arc: Pen has achieved her goal in many ways, which was to find a husband. She got a proposal.

“However, there is a much larger arc hanging over her, which is that she is still Whistledown and Colin doesn’t know. So that’s something to be explored in the back half.”

There’s no doubt part two will be even more dramatic and romantic, but will Penelope’s big secret tarnish her and Colin’s relationship? We’ll just have to see what happens on June 13th.