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20th May 2024

What impact does vaping have on your fertility? All we know

Kat O'Connor

Does vaping have an impact on your fertility?

There are a lot of lifestyle habits that have an impact on our fertility including smoking and drinking, but does vaping also have an impact on it too?

Knowing what can impact our ability to have children is important, especially if you’re trying to or preparing to start a family.

Many people have been using vaping as an aid to stop smoking cigarettes, but it comes with its own risks.

It is understood that vaping regularly disrupts a woman’s hormonal balance.

According to Hertility, e-cigarettes contain damaging substances that can reduce the implantation of an embryo in women.

The report states, “Recent animal studies have shown that E-cigarettes, even when nicotine-free, include many harmful substances that disturb the hormonal balance and reduce the implantation of embryo in women.

“It also negatively affects the structure and function of the sperms in men.”

The team behind the study has stressed that women should quit vaping if they’re trying to conceive and during their pregnancy.

The team shared:

“Based on our findings, it would be advisable for women who are planning to conceive to quit vaping.

“Reducing exposure to harmful substances can improve overall reproductive health and increase the chances of conception.”

Irish researchers find link between vaping and cancer

The news comes after it was confirmed by Irish researchers that vaping is ‘almost certainly’ linked to cancer.

A study by Professor of Chemistry at RCSI Dr Dónal O’Shea found a link between cancer and vaping.

Professor O’Shea said the harmful substance is not only linked to cancer but to cardiovascular problems too.

The Royal College of Surgeons has called for public health policies concerning flavoured vapes. 

“Our findings indicate a significantly different profile of chemical hazards compared to what we are familiar with from traditional tobacco smoking.