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25th Sep 2017

These Princess Jasmine make-up brushes will make you feel like royalty

They're so pretty

Olivia Hayes

Those colours!

We know that there has been an abundance of Disney merch lately, but honestly… we can’t get enough.

From Minnie Mouse sheet masks, to Mickey Christmas baubles, we love every single little bit of it.

And the latest Disney-inspired product? These Princess Jasmine make-up brushes.

The brushes have gorgeous gold handles, and come in beautiful purple and gold boxes, to make you feel extra special.

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You can either buy a set of 6 for €79.99, which comes with tapered highlight brush, a duo fibre stippling brush, an angled small and large brush, as well as an eye shader brush and blending brush.

Or if you want to buy a powder brush on its own, that comes in at €33.68.

We don’t know about you, but we’d feel WAY better putting our make-up on with these rather than our usual grubby ones.