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16th Oct 2018

This piercing is becoming a serious trend in Ireland and it’s SO pretty

I even hopped on the bandwagon.

Denise Curtin

Have you heard of a daith piercing?

Having become one of the biggest ear trends of the year, this piercing is taking over and we’re loving it.

How pretty is this?


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The daith is a piercing through the inner cartilage of the ear and not only is it neat but it also accentuates the ear with the right jewellery. Most people who opt for this piercing wear a ring through the cartilage, giving the ear a different look to the typical lobe or tragus piercings.

Last week, I too hopped on the trend, getting a daith piercing at Maria Tash’s new store on the second floor of Dublin’s Brown Thomas.

Now permanently wearing my hair behind my ear…

Renowned for her exquisite earrings that utilise precious metals and stones, Maria Tash uses the finest materials to create her unique designs and has an array of celebrity clients from Laura Whitmore to Blake Lively.

And now, for the first time ever, she has landed in Ireland. Since opening in Brown Thomas a couple of weeks ago, the team told me that the daith piercing has been their most popular request with everyone wanting one, so much so, they’ve even started a hashtag #DublinDaith.


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So, if you’re interested in getting the piercing but nervous of the pain, don’t be, it’s a couple seconds of heavy pressure but over in the blink of an eye and I’d totally recommend it. The piercing itself also heals very well due to its sheltered area within your ear.

Now, the earrings at Maria Tash are quite expensive, the ring I chose cost €300 and so, it’s going to have to do me a LONG time but, her designs really are stunning and instantly recognisable as the designer adds a refined touch to the piercing world.


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Many Irish bloggers have too been rocking Tash’s designs and daith piercings recently including blogger’s Love Lauren and Rosie Connolly.


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Maria Tash is open seven days a week in Brown Thomas Dublin and you can make an appointment here.