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01st Mar 2018

This supermodel is world famous but some people are really annoyed about it


Shudu Gram is a model, an Instagram star, and of course, stunningly beautiful.

Since establishing herself in the fashion and beauty industry, she has been associated with a load of brands from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to Soulsky.

Shudu has already racked herself up a steady amount of Instagram followers too – over 40k and counting.

People have been calling her stunning, a goddess, literally perfect, and it would probably be unfair to say that any of the previous are untrue.

Flamingo ???? . By . . #3dart

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And although one might assume that a black model receiving so much positive attention online could only be a good thing, as it turns out, things are not entirely as they seem.

… Because Shudu isn’t even real. She’s the world’s first CGI supermodel, made entirely from digitally altered graphics.

That explains why she’s so perfect then.

Shudu was created by photographer Cameron James Wilson, who says that the model was one of his first creations.

According to him, she is a “labour of love.”

“I think it’s important to add to empowering imagery of dark skinned women. I had the chance to create the most beautiful woman I could, and her [sic] she is.

“I personally don’t think 3D will replace real models because without real models Shudu would never have happened.”

I have some beautiful new work coming out!! . T-shirt by @soulskybrand . . #3dart

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And while everybody can agree that Shudu is stunningly beautiful, many have also taken issue with the fact that she is not real.

Not so much because of the potential effect her existence may have on real life working models, but because of the effect her existence may have on real life working black models.

Essentially, why digitally create something when you have it already?

Others, however, disagreed.

They commended the fact that black skin was finally being celebrated in such a way, and that one man’s idea of “perfection” manifested itself in a digital version of a black-skinned woman.