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03rd Jan 2020

Lush have released their Valentine’s Day collection and yeah, we need it all

Lush have released their Valentine’s Day collection and yeah, we need it all.

We may only be a few days into January, but the cosmetics company have already unveiled their 2020 collection for the loved up day next month.

Featuring some new products as well s some returning favourites, Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection includes everything from bath bombs to shower gel; Amazeballs (those giant bath bombs) to massage bars.


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Basically, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Or maybe a loved one?

The collection is available in stores now, but you’ll have to be quick if you want to grab some of it – we reckon this is going to fly off the shelves.

Here is what is in store in Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection.

Peachy Bath Bomb, €6.50

Here’s a firm handful they’ll swoon over, with peachy pink swirls of colour whirling around in the water. The perfect sweet treat after a fruity session, give this peach of your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s day, or treat yourself to a bit of naughty indulgence. Cheeky!

Love Locket Amazeball, €9.50

Don’t lock your love away, release it in a spectacle of strawberry-scented swirls. This amazeball is the key to a great bath, so unlock your heart’s true potential with a good soak in the tub. Full to the brim with tiny bath bomb hearts, you’re sure to be all a flutter thanks to uplifting orange and cosy tonka.

Prince Charming Naked Shower Gel, €14.50

Take a peek beneath the coat of shining armour to discover sweet and juicy suds of zesty grapefruit and rich vanilla. This nude noble is guaranteed to give you the happy ever after you truly deserve.

Prince Charming Regular Shower Gel, €9 per 100g

Once upon a time, in a land of ogres and trolls, a soapy saviour emerged from Valentine’s Days of old to enchant your shower routine. This smooth operator packs a punch, but still manages to charm with a soft marshmallow root and vanilla pod decoction smile.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, €5.95

Believe in enchanted pink waters, infused with relaxing lavender and sparkling with lustre – just like the magical lakes on the Isle of Lushland where unicorns bathe.

Peachy Soap, €9

Brand spanking new product and absolutely dripping in peach, grapefruit and davana, a lather with this soap with leave you feeling sweet and cheeky. Go on, check out what all the fuzz is about.

Aubergine Soap, €9

If you’re a fan of sparkling, uplifting fragrances then this soap will do the job. Bulging with fruity bergamot, zingy litsea cubeba and sweet tonka, this scent has stamina, lasting on the skin long into the night. For suds worthy of a swipe right, take a firm grip and lather up.

Naked Attraction Massage Bar, €10

Get up close and personal with this cheeky massage bar. The sensual scent of jasmine surrounds you as you glide it over your (or someone else’s) skin for a seductively soft finish.

Love Boat Bath Bomb, €5.95

The love boat promises something for everyone with the tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon. Release waves of vibrant colour into your bath and swathes of glittering hearts. If you’ve been feeling dinghy, this beautiful boat will get you ship-shape in no time.