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16th Aug 2023

Latte nails is the newest beauty trend for Autumn and we’re obsessed

Hailey Bieber has done it again!

Nowadays, it seems everyday mundane items from our lives are making trend-status; linen blonde hair, strawberry girl makeup, glazed doughnut skin, and so on.

Well, here’s the newest trend to add to your beauty maintenance routine.

Introducing: Latte Nails, a descendant and ripple effect of the viral ‘Latte Make-up’ trend inspired by none other than Hailey Bieber.

It seems the 26-year-old is responsible for many of our food and drink-inspired trends, and, to be honest, she hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

Showing off her claws on her nail artists’ Instagram, she was the first to get on trend with her ‘Chocolate Glazed Doughnut’ nails.

@haileybieber Latte Makeup ?☕️☕️ but let’s make it head to toe ✨ @rhode skin ♬ Beat – beaty

Much like its Bieber-certified makeup predecessor, which absolutely dominated TikTok, warm brown tones such as cocoa, tan, amber, and caramel reign on and will be gracing our fingertips this autumn.

Using these colours helped create the same deep, bronzed, autumnal allure against your skin that the latte make-up gives.

@thehotblendofficial Ad. latte mani with @essie ☕️✨?? For all the coffee drinkers out there the latte mani trend is one that we are all going to love! ? Using essie mademoiselle, in my sandbox, back to love, not to-do, spin the bottle & gel couture top coat. #essie #lattenails #nailart #diynails #nails ♬ original sound – The Hot Blend

I know we don’t want to talk about it yet, but the further we get into winter weather, the darker trends are anticipated to go, according to Glamour.

This will see our nail artists moving down the hot drink barometer for colour inspiration, ranging from latte and cappuccino to mocha and hot chocolate before the year is out.

Whether it’s just the tips or the full nail, as long it’s got brown tones, you’re on trend.

This is in contrast to recent nail trends that saw people sporting milky manis, using creamy and dreamy vibrant whites for summer.

Makes sense.

I can see it now: Walking with my pumpkin spice latte through rustling autumn leaves, sporting my latte-inspired nails whilst All Too Well by Taylor Swift blares through my headphones.

Bring it on.