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02nd Jan 2020

Jo Malone London has released a new perfume, and it smells like heaven in a bottle

Rebecca O'Keeffe

jo malone


Honest question – is there anything better than buying yourself a gorgeous new scent?

Literally, it is one of my favourite things on this earth.

Particularly, when the new smell happens to come from Jo Malone London.

And if you share this love with me, then you’ll be delighted to learn that the brand has released a new scent.

Introducing: Vetiver and Golden Vanilla, the shiny new cologne intense from the greatest brand ever.

The bounty of an island’s two prized ingredients, entwined along Madagascar’s vanilla-swept coastline.

The earthy depths of native vetiver, warmed and enveloped in precious vanilla bourbon. A delectable addition to their iconic Cologne Intense collection, available in 50ml and 100ml.

jo malone

This gorgeous new scent contains top notes of Cardamom, a cool spice, with its green accent, that resonates with the freshness of the grapefruit tea accord.

Then there’s the heart note of vetiver bourbon, that adds an earthy and grassy hint. Its elegant, woody intensity grounds and deepens the fragrance.

Speaking about the new fragrance, Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance, said:

“The fields of vetiver on the coast are vast and wide, softened by long dry grass billowing like waves. But the vanilla orchids are found in a small area deep in the jungle, which is warm, damp and lush. The pods are precious and limited, so the experience is a lot more intimate. Despite the two ingredients being so similar in terms of elegance and sensuality, their natural habitats are so different.”

You will love it!