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25th Jun 2019

I tried Inglot’s new All Covered foundation, and I was pleasantly surprised

Rebecca O'Keeffe

all covered foundation


So many of you know this about me, but I literally can’t wear foundation.

It’s nothing against any brand, I just find that it’s a bit too much for my skin.

I wear B.B cream religiously, and rarely stray.

However, I always welcome the opportunity to try out new and exciting products.

Last week, the lovely people at Inglot sent me in their new All Covered foundation (shade 13, fyi), and I decided to give it a whirl.

All covered foundation

I was sick all last week, and feeling pretty shit about myself, so I figured some extra coverage couldn’t hurt.

First impressions: the product advertises itself as a full coverage foundation, so I was surprised by how light it was.

None of that cakey, gooeyness – the foundation was light, and went on like a dream.

I was a bit red in the face, thanks to my stunning flu, but the All Covered foundation nipped that redness immediately.

It covered my blemishes, dark circles, and all other signs of the fact that I was sick as a dog.

In fact, I looked healthier then before my flu.

Basically, All Covered Face Foundation is an another approach to flawless skin without unwanted mask effect is possible.

You get perfect coverage, the foundation covers visible imperfections and effectively evens out skin tone.

Whats not to love?

A lightweight formula, being effortless to apply, leaves the skin with a natural and radiant look.

I might just be a foundation convert, lads.

All Covered foundation can be bought here for €38.

You won’t regret it!