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03rd Jul 2019

The first nail polish remover cream is here, and it’s a total game changer

Rebecca O'Keeffe

nail polish remover cream

Pretty cool, right?

Is there anything better than a fresh set of painted nails? Probably not.

However, there’s nothing worse than taking off nail polish to be perfectly honest.

The smell is always pretty strong, and without fail, I end up spilling or making a mess.

But that day is gone sweet friends – because of  a new and incredible product.

nail polish remover cream

Introducing: the first ever nail polish remover cream (yes, cream).

REMOVE and CHILL is an innovative Nail Polish Remover Cream, which combines care, efficiency and an especially pleasant, fresh scent for the first time ever!

The idea stems from a very clear need resulting from a somewhat trivial but still irritating problem: many people feel limited in their passion for nail polish because of the pesky smell of nail polish remover.

REMOVE and CHILL is here to solve the problem and allows nail polish removal at any time and place – without an unpleasant smell and with an extra-portion of care!

nail polish remover cream

Chipped and brittle nails are so yesterday!

Unlike conventional nail polish remover, thanks to its special oil complex enriched with macadamia, almond, argan and sesame oil, vitamin E and premium waxes, the light cream formula is especially rich in care and pampers the cuticles as well as the nails.

You can use REMOVE and CHILL on any regular nail polish, but not on shellac or gel nails.