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11th Oct 2015

Finally, Someone Who Knows What To Do With Thick Unmanageable Hair


Cathy Donohue

The thick hair struggle is very real: while it might look bouncy and healthy on a good day, it’s a complete nightmare when the humidity kicks in.

Seeing as Ireland experiences sticky humid ‘close’ weather regularly, we thought it made sense to research a few tips to help keep your mane under control.

Celebrity stylist Luke Hersheson counts Sienna Miller as one of his clients and according to Luke, Sienna’s hair is achieved with “the right cut and using a serum or smoothing cream when her hair is wet”.


When it comes to thick hair, invisible layers are key as “they help to redistribute the weight” so the uncontrollable mullet look is a thing of the past.

Speaking to Red magazine, Luke also said that thick hair is more porous than other types and so intensive conditioner should become your best friend.

Another interesting tip from Luke is to avoid block colour. To achieve movement and steer away from heavy hair, opt for highlights which “add depth”.

We might not have a personal stylist to cater to our locks but these tips are well worth a try and if anyone asks…IT’S THE HUMIDITY”.