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26th Mar 2018

EXCLUSIVE Vogue: ‘Blogging is HARD’ (but she has advice for wannabe influencers)


Vogue Williams

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She’s a model, DJ, TV presenter and one of our absolute favourites to follow on Instagram.

Not only is this mum-to-be incredibly hard working and determined, but she has an energy that we must admit has us feeling incredibly motivated.

On Thursday April 12, Vogue will be DJing at House in Dublin for the Aussie Blog Awards. Emerging new talents, and those that are already well established, will all be under one roof and you our readers, will have nominated the ones you’d like to see nab an award for the most incredible work.

So right now, in the run-up to Aussie awards night, Vogue is feeling super excited to finally kick things off at the event that she believes is a fantastic way to see bloggers get recognition for their astounding efforts (much of which very much goes on behind the scenes).

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“Blogging is hard, I tried blogging for not a very long time [laughs] you have to put your whole life into it.”

If she has any advice for those trying to break into in the industry right now though, it’s quite simply ‘be yourself.’

“If I promote something on my Instagram it’s because I believe in it and I think it’s a good product. Don’t just do things for money, because people can see through that, they can see through the bullshit basically.Everyone’s life, even mine, is not what it looks like on Instagram.”

Speaking of products, we were dying to get the lowdown on Vogue’s beauty regime. Apparently, she’s like us most days – tying up her hair and getting down to business. But if she’s not working, it’s bath time along with Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment. And yes, she too adores those Aussie aromas.

For skin, it’s a facial every two weeks, plus facial peels.

“I’m obsessed with skin – OBSESSED! For my skincare routine at home I use a lot of Image products. There was a period where I had really bad acne for about six months, so I really had to start focusing on my skin. Every time I run out of something, I’ll hop onto another product to switch it up.

“Getting your eyebrows done is an absolute must. It can change the shape of your face, making you look younger, fresher… it just makes you look amazing.”

There’s also something else that keeps Vogue looking radiant and fresh. Sleep! It seems it’s pretty paramount that Vogue gets at least eight hours of sleep every night. Recently, she has been in bed and ready to snooze by half seven each night. No wonder she has the energy to get up early and hop on that workout straight away. But that’s not all we’re taking inspiration from. Vogue’s diet and fitness advice is something we’re definitely on board with.

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“My diet hasn’t been so consistent lately – but my training has – and consistency is key. Never kick yourself if you fall off the wagon, we all do, so just keep trying harder. Plus, it can be fun to fall off the wagon sometimes anyway.

“I’ve started training with Louise Parker, so I go to her three times a week. Then I’d do a couple of days training myself, and I’ve just started cycling to and from the gym so that adds on another half hour of exercise to my day.”

With style inspo from the likes of actresses Kate Bosworth and Diana Kruger (plus model and renowned fashionista – Olivia Polermo – who Vogue says looks “effortlessly cool all the time”) we can’t wait to see how Vogue’s style grows and changes now that she’ll soon be dressing her bump too.

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Vogue’s furry beau, Winston

We asked Vogue what’s the one thing in life she simply cannot live without, but ladies it seems to be a tie between the men in her life…

“‘I’d almost say my dog Winston, but Spencer would have a meltdown. I say, ‘I love Winston so much,’ and he’s just like, ‘I know, I get it.’”

We think it has to be the cuter looking one, right?

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