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12th Aug 2018

Dani Dyer uses this Irish brand’s beauty essential… for the best reason

Olivia Hayes

OMG yes, we love this.

When Dani Dyer was on Love Island, fans of the show noticed this one hilarious thing about her makeup routine.

Can you guess what it is?

Of course, it was when she blow dried her fake eyelashes to make them extra fluffy. If that’s not a beauty hack then we don’t know what is.

Well, the reality star took to Instagram Stories last night to show off her fluffing technique and she used an Irish brand’s hairdryer.

In the videos, she showed off her customised Lanai Blo hair dryer, created by businesswoman Katie-Jane Goldin, and captioned it: “Remember to always blowdry them lashes girls.”

She also gave a little tip in keeping eyelashes looking heavenly.

“Washing your lashes with Johnson’s baby shampoo and blow drying them to keep them fluffy and fresh everyday!

“It’s not just a Dani thing, it’s the best thing. Have a go and let me know girls.”

Meanwhile, Katie posted the video to her own Instagram page, saying:  “Haven’t seen the @lanaiofficial being used like this before!!! But I LOVE it.”

We ALL love it.