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03rd May 2020

Beauty lovers say this €10 brow product is as good as a professional tint

If the first place you’re visiting once lockdown has ended is your salon, we’re with you.

Grown-out Shellac polish, dark roots and patchy lashes would drive anyone up the wall but thankfully the internet has found something to get us through on the eyebrow front.

Eylure is always a solid option for affordable essentials like false lashes and tit tape. Now its Dybrow brow tinting kit is being hailed as a hero product.

It comes in brown and black shades and boasts up to six weeks of colour for your brows. It also promises to be easy to use – just mix the dye with the tint activator, apply with a spoolie and wipe clean after ten minutes.

We’ve experienced enough DIY beauty disasters to know better than believing everything it says on the box but in this case, the reviews do back up the claims.

Beauty lovers who are in isolation have been loving Dybrow, with many equating its results to having your brows seen to by a professional.

“Been getting my brows done in a salon for years and what with not being able to get there at the moment I thought I would try this… amazing!,” wrote one user on the Boots website. “So easy to apply and my brows are the perfect shade and so glossy! Lasted 3 weeks so far and my brows still look like they have just been done.”

“I typically get my brows tinted at the salon but with the current lockdown measures I thought I’d give this a go!” commented another. “I left on for 10 mins and its achieved the exact result I get in the salon!”

“I work in a salon where we do eyebrow tinting and I use this at home and it works just as well… I highly recommend, I always use this product,” said a third.

For €9.99, it sounds like it’s worth trying if, like us, you feel naked without your brows done.