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04th Nov 2022

Mariah Carey gives her 12 year old self the funniest life advice: “Don’t shave your eyebrows”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s gas.

Mariah Carey is sending some life advice to every 12 year old out there, and it is some life advice some of us may wish they heard sooner.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her upcoming children’s book, The Christmas Princess, Mariah recalled some of the life lessons she needed to learn when she was 12 and how she included them in her new book.

The new book is all about a harder time growing up, where Mariah knew she was different than the other children she went to school with as she grew up in a predominantly white neighbourhood but had a black father.

Knowing she was different from those around her, Mariah aims to bring some humour to her experience through her book as she gives the younger generation some advice on how to handle bullies.

She told PEOPLE: “It’s a lot about surviving the bullies that are making [the main character] feel ashamed of who she is. She survives and finds her destiny.”

With music being her rescue and not “a Prince Charming who comes in”, the book focuses on self love. But when Mariah thinks back to that 12 year old girl she has written about, there’s only one piece of advice she needs to give.

She said: “Save up your money. Buy some conditioner and a comb, just wet your hair, keep the conditioner on it, and let it air-dry. You’ll be okay.

“Oh, and I would’ve said, ‘Please don’t shave your eyebrows. It’s never gonna look good on you.'”

An eyebrowless Mariah Carey – an image we can’t even picture.