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15th Sep 2023

AW23: forecasted beauty trends that have actually come true

Bring it on.

With the number of trends that grace our FYPs, it can be a task trying to narrow down which ones you should actually jump on.

Thankfully, data gathered across TikTok and Pinterest by Beauty Daily by Clarins has whittled down the list to only show the top contenders, making staying on trend a helluva lot easier.

Below, you’ll find the top five forecasted beauty fads of AW23 that actually came true, and, with that, your beauty routine autumised for the season ahead.

Entering AW23’s biggest beauty trend: Soft Goth.

It looks like we’re all trying to channel our inner gothic, and, you know what? I ain’t mad.

This look is achieved by taking a lighter, more glam approach to the original goth makeup look. With an impressive total of 1 billion views on TikTok and a 300% increase from last year on Pinterest for the stripped-down goth look, this one earned its place at the top of the list.

Goth makeup-related hashtags, makeup looks such as sheer ‘pantyhose’ dark eyeshadow looks, and smudged eyeliner paired with a natural lip, which was seen at Etro AW23, have all been on the rise.

Also on the rise are black trendy nails,’ which are up by 2,000% since last month, as well as ‘black nail sets,’ which have had a dramatic increase in popularity with a 9,500% surge since last year.

Crystal Details

While crystals and rhinestones have been synonymous with AW23 fashion, they are now sneaking their way into our makeup bags and nail art. Who saw that coming? I didn’t.

Following David Roma’s stellar idea to incorporate red rhinestones onto models’ lips and Louis Vuitton placing square silver rhinestones under the eyes, this bedazzling trend has secured its spot as the second biggest AW23 trend as ‘Rhinestone makeup’ related hashtags have amassed a total of 825.7 million TikTok views, and we can see why.

But it’s not just makeup that has crystallised; nails have followed suit, with ‘long nails with gems’ searches increasing by 1,500% from last year on Pinterest.

Celestial Metallics

Coming in third is Celestial Metallics, another beauty prediction for AW23 that materialised, according to the data. Inspired by gold foils worked into finger waves at Harris Reed AW23 and silver pigments seen on runways, it’s no wonder this trend has a total of 162 million TikTok views.

In line with autumnal colour palettes,, gold chrome nails saw a 400% increase on Pinterest searches, along with gold star nails rising by 300% from last year.

Nail inspo, sorted.

Blunt Bob

Look, anything Hailey Bieber is connected to is always going to trend. It’s just something we have grown to accept and love.

If you have ever considered taking the plunge and getting a blunt bob, now is the time. The daring hairstyle seen on the Christopher Kane runway has gone on to rack up a respectable 98.8 million TikTok views.

The runway wasn’t the only place where the bob caught attention, as it seems that it’s a favourite for celebrities such as Emma Stone and Mrs. Bieber, making this fall beauty prediction a reality.

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to bite the bullet and get a blunt bob, but I can marvel and admire from a distance, that’s for sure.

Pops of Pastels

Recently seen on the AW23 runways were pretty pops of pastels, which were surprisingly forecasted for fall beauty trends.

Is it wrong to say that this one is my personal favourite? It feels like it goes against everything autumn stands for in terms of colour. But who doesn’t love a wildcard?

In number five, the soft and dreamy trend was seen on the eyelids of models in Richard Quinn’s AW23 with lilacs and powdery blues.

Despite being forecast for AW23 and making the top five (and looking absolutely beautiful), Pinterest searches for pastels have declined from last month as we move away from summer.

‘Pastel french tip nails’ have seen a decline in searches by 40%, and pastel blues, yellows, and greens nail searches have also decreased by 40%.

I think I’m about to singlehandedly send that search right back up.