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25th Oct 2018

This bride-to-be is struggling to find a dressmaker due to one bizarre request

Well, we've never heard of this before.

Denise Curtin

Well, that’s a first.

A bride-to-be in England is struggling to find a dressmaker who will create her “dream dress”.

The struggle is due to the fact that the woman in question wants her dress to feature fringe trimming of her dead mother’s hair.

The woman who decided to remain anonymous shared her dress sketch and request on manufacturing site Sewport, explaining that she wanted a dress which looked like her mother’s from 1953 however, featuring some of her hair.

Image credit – Sewpoint 

In her request the bride-to-be wrote:

“My mother passed away recently and I’d like to create a special memento of her life.

“I found out my mother was ill in 2014 and from that point onward I began to collect her hair.

“At the time I wasn’t sure why I was collecting it, however, now I think I do.”

And although the woman acknowledges that the request is quite weird, no designer has picked up the challenge – but that doesn’t mean one will. Alix Bizet is a designer who has previously worked hair into dresses, admitting to the Independent that the task isn’t easy, he said it’s also not as uncommon as you’d think.

“Hair is a highly emotional subject that for some people is closely linked to the identity of a person – like an extension of their existence. It can be almost spiritual,” he revealed.

The English bride is offering £15,000 to anyone who will create the dress for her.

Hmmm, each to their own, eh?