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04th Feb 2019

Pinterest says that THIS is going to be 2019’s biggest travel destination

Have you visited?

Anna O'Rourke

Pinterest says that THIS is going to be 2019's biggest travel destination

If a trip to South America is on your bucket list, you’re not alone.

The continent is a must for adventurous travellers and it looks like one city in particular is set to become super popular.

Pinterest is predicting that Rio De Janeiro will be one of 2019’s hottest destinations.

Searches for the Brazilian city rose by 147 per cent on the site in 2018; an indication that lots of folks are dying to go to Rio.

It’s a place with loads to offer – here are just five reasons to visit.



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In a time when (let’s be be real) lots of us choose our holiday destinations based off photos we see on Instagram, Rio was always going to stand out.

From its carnival to its striking street art, the city is bursting with colour. You won’t be able to resist snapping photos while there.


Natural beauty

Beach bums and wannabe jungle explorers alike will appreciate just how stunning the city is – especially from a height.



Brazilian food marries the best of what the first Portuguese settlers ate with African cuisine brought by slaves over the centuries. Barbecued meat and Feijoada, a stew that is the national dish, are especially popular.



Two million people take to the city’s streets each year for this celebration of dance and music. The festival takes place at the beginning of Lent but rest assured that Rio is a party city all year round.


Tourist attractions

You’ll no doubt check out the Christ the Redeemer statue while in the city but there’s loads more to see and do here, including the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa neighbourhood and the Botanic Gardens.