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28th Oct 2023

Science says people who let their dogs sleep in their bed are happier

Seeing your dog first thing in the morning is the best sight of all time.

When it comes to letting your furry family member sleep in your bed, are you all for it, firmly against the idea, or on the fence?

Some households have very valid reasons for not sleeping with their dogs, be it allergy attacks, broken sleep, or other. There are reasons why it may not make sense for you to do that, so I’m not here to change your mind on that.

However, scientific research may sway the minds of those who are missing their pup at bedtime, as there are some pretty incredible benefits to sharing your bed with them.

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In a study carried out by Sleep Review, it was found that people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were less likely to experience nightmares when sleeping with a dog.

Having your pet with you during sleep also aids in the release of oxytocin in the brain.

This feel-good chemical staves off anxiety and stress and promotes theta brainwaves that are linked to REM sleep, meaning a deeper snooze and better physical health.

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Oxytocin, also referred to as the ‘love chemical’, as well as serotonin, are increased when we spend time with dogs, which can help fight feelings of depression naturally.

Sleeping with your fluffy pal can have additional mental benefits, including an increased feeling of safety and comfort. Another study found that women’s sleep was improved when their pet was in bed with them.

Not only does owning a dog make you feel less lonely, but one study found that 41% of pet owners revealed that sleeping next to their pet brought them an added sense of companionship.

As amazing as the benefits are, there are, however, reasons why maybe your canine shouldn’t be in your bed.

These include severe allergies and health issues (in you or your dog) that would be impacted by sleeping together, if you are a light sleeper, your dog isn’t house-trained, or if you are crate-training your dog.