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16th May 2019

The ultimate festival outfit guide if you’re heading to Forbidden Fruit

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit. 

We’re counting on sun.

Of course, there’s a good chance that it might not show up, so we always aim for that eventuality too. Plan for all weathers, people, this is Ireland after all.

The best thing about Bulmers Forbidden Fruit is that it’s a day festival so we actually get to shower every day (an underrated necessity), AND we can go a little more all-out with our outfits because we don’t have to worry about bag space and all that nonsense, plus we can take each day’s weather as it comes. There’s also the fact that we will almost certainly be heading to town afterwards so, yeah, a good outfit is key.

There are loads of fashion icons playing at the festival this year that we can  take inspiration from, whether it’s the fashion designer of the new Kirin label, Peggy Gou, or the fabulously folk and floral styles of First Aid Kit, or Fehdah with her STUNning headscarves.


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So obviously we need to make sure that we step things up a notch this year to keep up with expectations. Though we are, of course, going to keep things simple and comfy because, you know, so necessary. So here are a couple of ways to make sure your outfit is looking top notch for Bulmers Forbidden Fruit AND those inevitable nights out afterwards.

It’s all about the co-ords

For a day festival, co-ords can be a godsend. They’re casual enough for the day and dressy enough for the night and look fab with minimal effort. Ideal. For Ireland, think about going for a jacket and skirt co-ord rather than the usual top and bottoms. You’ll be able to wear the jacket all day to keep you warm without it hiding the entire outfit.

Pair it with a crop top or tube top and once you head out afterwards you can throw your jacket in the corner (or cloakroom) and voilà! Night outfit sorted. This co-ord set from Missguided is ticking all our colour-loving boxes.

Think transparent

Coachella 2019 was all about those see-through outfits. And you know what? We can do that too. We’ve been putting up with the Irish weather for years and we’ve built up a pretty hard exterior when it comes to dealing with cold. So go ahead, grab yourself a net or mesh dress and throw that on. Just make sure you get a good bodysuit for underneath.

Don’t forget about your shoes

We know Irish festivals are famous for their wellie footwear, so shoes often gets put on the back burner a bit. We’re a little sick of wellies though tbh and they especially shouldn’t be necessary at a day festival. If the weather is treating us well, go wild, wear whatever you want. If it is threatening to rain for Bulmers Forbidden Fruit though, a pair of regular old boots should still do you fine.

If it’s looking like it might lash the whole time and you’re worried about ruining them, consider buying a pair of boots just for the festival that you won’t mind getting a bit scuffed up. You’ll be able to pick up a pair at Penneys without breaking the bank, or check out these fab snakeskin boots from Pretty Little Thing. They’d spruce up any outfit and look like they’d be able to weather a fair bit of mud and drizzles.

Embrace the rain

Let’s face it. It MIGHT rain. We can hope all we want. We can pray and dream and beg for last year’s festival weather but, knowing our weather the way we do, there’s a high possibility that it could get at least a little drizzly. So embrace it. Get a raincoat that’ll suit your outfits. It’s possible to look stun in a raincoat too. Don’t just hope for the best and be left with one of those plastic ponchos. Aside from being terrible for the environment, they’re just not very flattering. So, ladies, get yourselves some raincoats.

Consider quick transformation options

You might want to go with the First Aid Kit folk style for the festival but don’t feel like being that flowy when you’re out and about that night. Look at thin, light clothes that you could shove in your bag at the end of the day to make a quick transformation between festival and bar. Things like t-shirt dresses or sarongs are your friends here. Penney’s have sarongs going for around €4 at the moment – sure at that price you could even throw it away if you didn’t want to carry it around.

There you have it. Some super easy outfit ideas for slipping seamlessly between those festival days at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit and the nights out.

We know you’ll look stunning.

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit.