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08th Nov 2019

This Scandi chic beside locker is stylish and practical – and it’s only €60

Leslie Ann Horgan

The other night, I spent a panicky 20 minutes trying to fish a wad of papers out of my bedside locker.

The bundle had slipped down the back of the top drawer, which is not removable, and had become wedged upright at the back of the unit. In the middle of the papers was – horror of horrors – my passport, and the clock was counting down to an early morning flight.

With the space under the bottom drawer too small to fit my hand, it was with rising panic that I used a variety of utensils – where is a school ruler when you need one? – to try to retrieve the documents. I’d reached the point of weighing up whether it would be worse to break the unit or miss the flight, when a wire hanger dislodged the papers and my passport slipped into my fingertips. Praise be!

It’s probably not the typical consideration when buying furniture, but that stressful drawer fishing expedition came to mind when I saw Aldi’s latest homewares offering.


Among the store’s next crop of Specialbuys is a cute wooden bedside locker, perfect for a Scandi chic décor scheme. It has a single drawer to keep all of your bits and bobs in, and an open space beneath that’s perfect for books, bigger items – and, as I now know, retrieving anything that may have made an escape from the top tier.

The rectangular unit comes in white, with a choice of either matt black or oak finish for the drawer front and legs. If you have your measuring tape handy, the dimensions are 50cm x 39cm x 50cm. The bedside table costs €59.99 will be available in Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, November 21.

The range also includes cushions, throws, bedlinen, photo frames and scented candles and diffusers. And there’s serious hygge vibes from the knitted pouffe, €39.99, and storage basket, €13.99, which both come in shades of light and dark grey.