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29th Aug 2023

Are thigh-high flip flops the next big thing? Irina Shayk seems to think so

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Shoes are always a topic of conversation when it comes to new trends, and in recent years, the uglier the shoe, the better.

And that’s no different for the next trend we’ve seen emerging – yes, we’re talking about thigh-high flip-flops.

Last week, Irina Shayk shared a snap showing off a very chic, but very impractical, tennis outfit. Posting a series of photos of her time on the tennis court, the 37-year-old simply captioned the pictures: “Summer.”

Donning a yellow and white sweater-vest onesie with a matching sheer sarong, this was not even the focal point of the look.

Instead of opting for tennis shoes or even a pair of runners, Irina wore a pair of black thigh-high flip-flops.

The heeled flip-flops incorporated mesh that began just above her toes and went all the way her up her leg until the hemline of her skirt.


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So, this is what we mean when we say the ugly shoe trend is here to stay – and this one takes the cake.

We can only assume this look was for Instagram, and Instagram only – there’s no chance the model actually played tennis like this.

This isn’t the first time a supermodel has taken it upon herself to bring ugly shoes to the forefront.

Bella Hadid is no stranger to this trend and her last year, her off duty shoe style was exactly that. Sporting Hoka Hoparas, she has redefined what it means to make an ugly shoe look good.

While most people are under the impression that Bella herself could make anything look good, even these are a hard one to pull off.

Retailing for €125, these shoes look as if a grandad’s sandal and a marathon runner’s shoes had a baby. With cutouts galore, it’s considered street style chic.

Wearing the shoes a number of times in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, Bella was seen sporting them as she left the Balenciaga show, again stepping out in them on a night out.

While they may not be everybody’s cup of tea, they are something we’re seeing a lot more of. Think back to the rugged Salomon sneakers and Vibram Five Fingers toe shoes, these type of footwear are the new “it” thing and it looks like they’re here to stay.