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07th Nov 2018

These models are boycotting the Victoria’s Secret Show and it’s for a good cause

These models are boycotting the Victoria's Secret Show and it's for a good cause

The Victoria’s Secret Show has been around for almost 30 years, but it’s a contentious event.

The fashion industry has come under fire a lot in recent years over its lack of diversity, but probably one of the most divisive events of the year is the Victoria’s Secret Show.

Some people are glued to it every year and wait on tenterhooks to hear who will perform at it, or what the million-dollar bra will look like. Others find it brash or even misogynistic as it overwhelmingly portrays one beauty ideal – tall, thin, unattainable.

This year has proved to be the final straw for one group of models who have decided to boycott the show.


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WE’RE ALL ANGELS ?? #morethanourbodies

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The campaign is led by 6ft 2″, size 14 model, Robyn Lawley, who set up a petition asking people to “help change the minds of Victoria’s Secret to be more diverse and inclusive of body shapes and sizes on their runways!”

Having felt bombarded by advertising that alienated her and made her hate her body during many times in her life, Robyn has decided that she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer from the same body dysmorphia:

“I  have a daughter and I REFUSE to let her grow up with those limited ideals, the potential that she might not achieve in life by worrying more about fitting into this ridiculous idea that a bra size is more important than her physical and emotional health!”


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Robyn was joined by some fellow models including Hayley Hasselhoff, Felicity Hayward and Ashley James – at the ‘We’re All Angels’ lingerie show, hosted by retailer Simply Be.

The show featured models of all different sizes to help promote diversity.

Robyn encouraged people not to tune into or attend the VS Show and instead asked women to post a raw and unedited Instagram with #weareallangels and said that:

“For every person who shares a post with the #weareallangels hashtag, ThirdLove will donate one bra to I Support the Girls, a national non-profit that collects and distributes bras to homeless women and girls around the country!!!”

Love or loathe the Victoria’s Secret Show, you have to admit that promoting diversity has to be a good thing.

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