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12th Feb 2015

There’s Some Very Good News For Fans of Sarah Jessica Parker

Her designs will be showcased during New York Fashion week.


We all remember that Sex and The City episode where Carrie Bradshaw featured on the runway and… erm… fell.

Well now it seems like Sarah Jessica Parker, or at least her designs, is about to follow in the character’s very glamourous footsteps.

According to reports, SJP – who is no stranger to the FROW – has linked up with Australian duo Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, who are behind the brand Tome, on her new shoe range.

The new collection will be shown during New York Fashion Week.


“Not only is she an actor that we respect and a woman that we respect, she has this incredible fashion legacy as well, and now the show line,” said Ryan.

“I’m a firm believer in quality and timelessness,” said SJP. “I have created this collection with the hopes that women will love wearing it for years to come.”

The shoes, which are being branded as ‘affordable’ by those in the know, will go on sale almost immediately and we can’t wait!