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04th Nov 2021

Zara opens its new store in Liffey Valley shopping centre

Katy Brennan

Our prayers have been answered.

After years of waiting, Zara has finally opened its new store in Liffey Valley shopping centre.

The store, which spans over two floors, has Women, Man, and Kids collections and is the first in Ireland with an area dedicated exclusively to Zara’s new Beauty collection.

The unique store features the latest digital technology, fully integrating the store with its online shop to guarantee customers the most enjoyable and seamless shopping experience.

A new digital functionality ‘Store Mode’ will be available for customers through the Zara app, allowing users to browse items in the Liffey Valley shop and order for collection at automated pick-up points in store within half an hour.

Fitting rooms will also be available to book through the app. As well as this, customers can conveniently use brand new self-service checkouts on exiting fitting rooms to purchase their items.

Customers will also get to witness a modern new design in store, as it is laid out in a “simple, functional, sophisticated, and refined” manner, with organic shapes and flowing series of smooth curves throughout.

Zara has also got sustainability in mind with its latest opening, and is committed to reducing water and energy consumption compared with a conventional store.

Sustainability is also central to the clothing manufacturing processes and is reflected through Join Life, an initiative that brings together fashion and sustainability.

The new Liffey Valley store will also include collection containers for customers to donate clothes they no longer wear to Zara charity partner Oxfam Ireland.

The store will be located close to Marks and Spencer’s in the shopping centre, and straight across from River Island.