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05th Jan 2022

All of the fashion we’ve been obsessing over from Emily in Paris season two

Can we be her?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hooked on Emily in Paris season two but it’s not just for the plot and romances, the clothes this season are simply to die for.

Emily Cooper’s style can only be described with two words: trés chic, full of everything from neon jackets to fingerless gloves, she has the wardrobe you would only see on the small screen.

Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi is the mastermind behind these iconic looks, working with Patricia Field for the latest season. And if you don’t know her name, you’ll know her other showstopping styling from her time on Sex and the City.

While it doesn’t always make sense for everyday life, Marilyn was told by Patricia that “we don’t care about reality,” and that was as good a reason as any to go all out with the fashion in this series.

The combat dress

Season two was less about runway trends and more about vibrant and out-there pieces, which is exactly what this dress is. The Self Portrait dress in this scene is exactly that, something we wouldn’t typically see on a day to day basis, but is the only thing we’d put Emily in.

The Valentino belted look

Yes, the Valentino belt is the main reason this is one of our top picks, but who can blame us? Mixing this with the classic checkered style Emily loves so much with a sleeveless blazer and chunky pearl necklace, this look is a chic as chic gets. And the blazer is from Zara, so we always knew it would be a hit.

More checkered looks

We can’t get enough of her checkered, well, everything it seems. This Barrie blazer is so perfectly structured and the green tones are definitely in this season. Pairing this over a mix of other patterns is daring, but for Emily’s standards, it’s another day in Paris.

These three together, perfection

The asymmetrical dress, the ruffled crop top, the oversized blazer, we’ll take them all. Emily, Mindy, and Camille are everything in these looks and immediately grab our attention. Nothing screams glamorous the way this image does.

The pink clash

While everyone else might have their eyes set on Lucien Laviscount in this picture, we’re busy drooling over Emily’s outfit. The Balmain skirt mixed with the geometric Mark Cross bag, a match made in heaven.