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04th Sep 2019

This stunning €35 black fur coat from Penneys honestly looks so expensive

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Winter is coming…

Today is the first day in months that I left the house with a coat on.

We can’t deny it anymore lads, the seasons have changed, and there’s a chill in the air.

And I’m actually weirdly delighted?

Sure, summer is gorgeous and I’ll miss it terribly, but there’s something so delightful about Autumn and Winter.

The fashion is so cosy and gorge, with hats, scarves and gloves (and fluffy cosy knits, of course!)

And, while talking about winter style, one thing is more important than everything else.

The coat!

Lets be honest, we live in Ireland, so you’ll be living in your favourite coat for the next 6-8 months.


There are so many gorgeous coats bopping around the high street at the moment, however, Penneys are coming through as the clear winner.

Currently, the brand are selling a divine black fur coat for €35, and it looks proper fancy.

It’s lined, has a single button clasp, and will go with absolutely every outfit you own.

Like all Penneys clothing, this baby is available in a wide range of sizes, and is our best bargain of winter 2019.

Oh, and if you’re not really into black, this gorgeous fur also comes in a candy pink colour.

And now we want both.

The product code for the black fur coat from Penneys is: 4405825, in case you’re in store looking!

Happy shopping folks.