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31st Jul 2022

Steal the style from Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover – on a fraction of the budget

Season 3 is here – and it is GOOD.

Is anyone else as obsessed with Studio McGee and their Dream Home Makeover show on Netflix as we are?

Syd and Shea McGee, the husband and wife duo behind the popular design firm Studio McGee, have earned themselves millions of fans across the world who love their modern rustic style and approachable design tips sprinkled throughout their Instagram feed.

Between their design consultancy, homeware shops and now, a hit show on Netflix, it is safe to say the McGee style is trending right now, and we want a piece of it too.

However, being here in Europe, we cannot get our hands on their actual merch. Or, I supposed we could – but between the shipping and customs fee, it’ll no doubt cost an arm and a leg. The solution? Stealing their style – with these fab bargain buys we found, that we reckon would absolutely get Shea’s stamp of approval.

Just take a look.

1. Vintage effect rug

In almost every episode of the show, Shea opts for a vintage-style (or actual vintage) rug for her clients’ homes. It warms up the space, zones in an area of the room and frankly, looks really cool too.

Etsy is filled with gorgeous vintage rugs, but if you are on a budget, we really love this one from Zara Home.

€119-€179, Zara Home

2. Ceramic lamp with antique finish

Gorgeous table lamps are another staple of Studio McGee, and while many of these can cost a pretty penny, we found this absolute stunner from Zara Home for less than €100!

€79.99, Zara Home

3. Floor-standing artificial fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf figs are the IT plant of choice right now, and we spotted these in several of the homes Studio Mcgee helped renovate. Get a real one if you think you can keep it alive, if not, we love this plastic one from M&S.

€67, M&S

4. Wooden tray

When styling bits on your coffee table or even nightstand, Shea likes to group bits together on a tray. It just makes the overall impression look tidier and more cohesive. We know Shea is a big fan of adding touches of wood into her interiors, and so we think this gorgeous tray from H&M Home will fit the bill perfectly – and it won’t break the bank.

€19.99, H&M Home

5. Terry armchair

Another tip we picked up from Studio McGee is that while the overall colour scheme might be rather neutral, don’t be afraid to play with different textures to warm up a place and make it more interesting.

And speaking of texture and interest, how fab is this fluffy armchair from Zara Home?

€249, Zara Home

6. Stoneware vase

In every episode of Dream Home Makeover, we spotted that Shea loved decorating with either flowers or just branches of greens in big, voluptuous vases. This H&M Home one will look just as well on your bedroom dresser as it will on your kitchen island.

€22.99, H&M Home

7. Set of 2 plastic wicker baskets

Another Studio McGee staple, baskets are used to add extra storage and make it easier to keep rooms tidy throughout the house. Real wicker baskets can shed a bit and be pricy, but these two plastic ones from Next are durable – and look the part.

€50, Next

8. Wool-blend blanket

Drape them over the side of the sofa, end of the bed, or on the arm of your favourite armchair – cosy-looking blankets are another styling secret of Shea McGee, and we think this gorgeous neutral one from H&M Home is totally perfect.

€27.99, H&M Home

9. Gold metal planter & mango wood stand

Green plants and cute planters add colour and that lived-in look to a home, and is another easy way to make a room look so much more stylish. We spotted this one from Oliver Bonas, and reckon it would not look out of place in any of the Studio McGee projects we saw on the show.

€60, Oliver Bonas

10. Woven teak bench

Mix up your seating, said Shea McGee, and we are all ears. So instead of buying an armchair or footstool that matches the style and fabric of your sofa, branch out, and think of other materials and colours that will work and make the whole house look more ‘styled’ and put together.

We love this woven bench from Zara Home, and think it would look perfect in the hallway, at the end of the bed – or pretty much anywhere else in your home.

€299, Zara Home