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15th Sep 2023

The ribbon trend taking over New York, Paris and Copenhagen fashion weeks


Did anyone else have an unholy number of ribbons in 2009… just me? OK x

If New York, Paris and Copenhagen fashion weeks are anything to go by, we will all be wearing ribbons in our hair come next March.

While most of us only think of ribbons for decorative purposes, the once adorable trend has been slowly creeping back into style with trail blazers leading the way.

According to Vogue, the trend kicked off after Sandy Liang’s fall 2023 presentation. A number of models with long, blown-out hair donned tiny, precise bows.

Just months later, the designer herself ensured the newly awoken bow trend was front and centre with her wedding veil delicately decorated with them.

Now in the aftermath of New York, Paris and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks, we’ve seen stunning show-goers presenting their interpretations of the trend with everything from simple, minimal additions too a much more obvious presence.

During New York Fashion Week, the ribbon trend was given an edge. Instead of perfectly places and styled bows, the experts opted for a more chaotic and effortless approach.

The beauty of this incoming trend is that anyone can jump on it. Whether you still have that drawer of ribbons or not, there’s bound to be one lying around at home to test the waters.

Here are some of our favourite looks from Paris, Copenhagen and New York Fashion weeks: