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06th Jun 2015

PICS: If You Thought This Was A Pair Of Boobs You Need To Look Again

The smartest marketing campaign we’ve seen in a while!


Yes, there’s another optical illusion doing the rounds, but this time it’s all in the name of a lingerie brand.

We all remember The Dress incident from a few months ago, but now one lingerie brand are so confident of their curvy creations they can even make your elbow sexual.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Argentinian lingerie brand Jane Pain has launched a new campaign using the elbow, knee and armpits of their customers to prove a point.

jane pain 1

This may look like cleavage, but it’s actually an elbow…

If they can make the least attractive parts of your body sexy, imagine what their lingerie does when it’s worn for the right purpose.

jane pain 2

A knee photographed looking seductive

The company decided to create the giant billboards, including a thumbnail of the original body part with the caption:

“If it can make your armpit [or knee or elbow] look sexy, imagine what it can do in the right place.”

Bravo marketers, this is brilliant.

jane pain 3

No, this is actually an armpit…

Images via Cosmopolitan