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27th Jan 2018

The men’s section in Penneys has these €7 retro tees… and we’ll be wearing all of them

We're taking one in every design.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Our more loyal readers (*waves enthusiastically*) will know that at Her, we’re fond of a bit of Penneys.

But in saying that, we usually stick to the women’s section… not perhaps previously appreciating the gems that could be lurking in other parts of the store.

It was something that was highlighted with us recently when we spotted the uh-maze-ing retro tees on sale in the Penneys men’s department.

Personal faves? Jurassic Park, Mario, and Pac Man… the fact that they’re just €7 though means you could probably pick up a few options.

We reckon these would look particularly fab as we move into springtime: paired with jeans or a skirt for a more laid-back look.


We haven’t actually spotted these yet in store – so please do let us know what location have them if you’re lucky enough to see them before we do.

Meanwhile, Primark Man has its very own Insta account that we’ve just started following so we can spot similar wardrobe gems.