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01st Jan 2020

Ikea releases a first look of their spring 2020 trends, and now we want to re-decorate

Who’s ready for spring?

I know, us too!

Even more so now that we have been allowed a sneak peek at all the gorgeous trends coming to Ikea in spring 2020.

The Swedish furniture giant has released their lookbook for the coming months, presenting four key trends they reckon are going to dominate the interior scene for spring.

I don’t know about you, but I love giving my home a refresh for the sunnier months, and it’s amazing the difference even the smallest of change can make.

Here are the trends Ikea think spring 2020 is going to be all about:

Rural Retreat

This tranquil and country-inspired trend uses organic and hand-crafted materials and “highlights the beauty of a simplistic way of life.”

Ikea says:

“Natural colours emphasise the longing for nature and shift from old to new, whilst the sustainable materials demonstrate the progressive and conscious nature of the trend. It’s a look that meshes modern and traditional elements, resulting in a look that is authentic, warm, romantic, fresh and earthy.”

Here is what Rosheen Forbes, Commercial Activity & Events Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland, has to add about the trend:

“This trend is all about channelling classic chateaux vibes throughout the summer season, by welcoming nature into the home whilst keeping the overall look bold and impactful. Handcrafted homewares collide with modern influences to create a dynamic design outcome that makes your space feel like home.”

Sounds lovely? I know.

Ikea is big on sustainability, and more sustainable homewares are becoming increasingly important for many people. This is a key element to this trend to not only bring nature into the home but help take care of it on the outside too.

For instance, you can bring some rattan objects into your living space incorporating wood in an eco-friendly way. According to Forbes, it’s an exceptionally sustainable tropical wood due to the speed at which it grows, renewing itself in only 5-7 years.

“The Borstad woven basket, made from rattan, makes a handy storage space for extra cushions and blankets. Alternatively keep your laundry beautifully organised with the Borstad wooden clothes drying racks, which can either be attached to the wall or free-standing depending on which best suits your space.”

Bursting with bold and rich colours, the Citrus Shades trend’s vivid colour palette takes centre stage this season, according to Ikea, and we think it is nothing short of perfect for spring.

“Open the shutters and let the light in this spring with Ikea’s Citrus Shades trend. With hues ranging from orange peel and sunlight to coral pink and saffron, there’s plenty of room for individual style to shine through.”

Try pairing these warm colours with luxe materials such as velvet and copper, and you’ll achieve the look and make your home feel vibrant and alive for the new season.

Forbes explains:

“I love citrus shades, especially for the warmer months as they breathe a new lease of life into the home for summer. Not only are the shades beautiful, but they are also energetic and give the home a sense of vibrancy and warmth. Brighter colours reflect the warmer weather and by choosing these colours you can bring a bit of the outside, inside. This trend is all about making minor changes by incorporating small items such as throws or cushions, making this an easy trend to bring into the home.”

Soft textiles in warm colours bring sophistication and comfort without overwhelming the space, and you can start small by layering and pairing different shades together to create a welcoming environment.

Can you just feel the warm breeze of summer? I know I’m not the only one longing for warmer days and so the Vintage Havana trend hit me right in the heart.

Think about the colours, feel and vibrant street life in Cuba, and you got the gist of what this trend is about – as well as an eclectic mix of patterns that will pack a punch this season.

And so if bright patterns, repetition and vibrant tones are your thing, you are going to love the trend Ikea calls ‘ Vintage Havana.’

Forbes says:

“This trend embodies the culture of Cuba with its adventurous spirit and welcoming energy. Think relaxed design sits alongside faded glamour to mimic Havana, a city that remains frozen in time.”

And we should be bringing the outside in and in inside out too.

“Blurring the lines between your inside and outside space will help bring this trend to life within your home and make the most of the warmer temperatures in the spring and summer months.”

In springtime, everyone loves a good declutter frenzy, eager to clean our homes, creating our retreat.

And in that spirit, the calming tones and clean lines that define the Refined Zen trend, a sophisticated fusion of Japanese elegance and Scandi simplicity, is all sorts of timely.

“Refined Zen emulates an ambience of refined and relaxed tranquillity,” explains Forbes. “Combining calming tones, natural materials and clean lines, this trend instils a sense of effortless harmony within the home.”

“In today’s modern world, we are increasingly looking for an idyllic oasis to turn to in our homes, especially in the spring and summer months,” says Forbes. “The Refined Zen trend is all about taking a deep breath and injecting a calm, fresh approach and sense of balance to one’s space, embracing the harmonious spirit of the season.”

Incorporating sustainable and renewable materials, such as bamboo and wood, will also help create that natural feel in your home.

“Woven bamboo will reinforce a strong yet elegant tactile element. Furthermore, maximise usable space whilst incorporating a minimalist feel with the Platsa series of customisable, high quality, modular storage units -perfect for homes with less space. Combine these in a multitude of ways to create a personal and unique solution adaptable to you, allowing yourself to relax in a decluttered and organised haven.”