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17th Jun 2021

Here’s the story with the ‘Coconut Girl’ aesthetic all over TikTok this summer

Sarah McKenna Barry

If you’ve noticed lots of Hawaii’n print and shell necklaces on TikTok, then it’s likely you’ve come across the hottest new fashion trend.

The Coconut Girl aesthetic is the latest movement to cause a splash with Gen Z, and to be honest, we kind of see the appeal. The aesthetic balances beachy vibes, with nostalgia topped off with a heavy dose of kitsch.

As the weather heats up, the Coconut Girl aesthetic has become increasingly popular. But how is it achieved? What are the key ingredients?

Well, for starters, most Coconut Girls will tell you that the aesthetic is less about the look, and more about the lifestyle. Unlike previous Gen Z trends – E-Girls, VSCO Girls etc. – this movement doesn’t have strict criteria in place. In fact, it’s defined by its penchant for relaxation. For instance, Coconut Girls love nothing more than long days at the beach.

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Inspiration is also deeply important to the aesthetic. The look is informed by cultural moments from times gone by. Aquamarine, a 2006 children’s film about a group of friends who befriend a mermaid, is a key source of inspiration. Similarly, the Australian series H20: Just Add Water (which also features mermaids) is enjoying a comeback as a result of the aesthetic’s growing popularity.

Other cultural references to the movement include The OC and the Blue Crush films.

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In terms of visual markers, shell necklaces are popular with Coconut Girls, as are friendship bracelets and chunky sandles.

Additionally, surfwear brands like Roxy, or Billabong or Quiksilver are trending thanks to the aesthetic. Hawaiian shirts are also seen as a key visual marker of the movement.

And, when it comes to hair, most Coconut Girls tend to opt for relaxed, beachy hair, even if they’re staying put.

For the uninitiated, one way to get started is to picture a 10 year-old version of yourself let loose in a souvenir shop on holiday. What would catch your eye? What would you pester your parents into buying for you?

Trend-forecasters predict that the aesthetic is here for a good time, not a long time, so definitely make the most of it while you can.