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13th Nov 2019

The €45 Penneys longline coat that will keep you warm during the freezing weather

Give. It. To. Us.

We are wrapping ourselves up in many, many layers this week because it is just so freakin’ freezing. Even though we didn’t get an overly-hot summer, it feels like we’re getting an overly-cold winter and we’re just not here for it.

All we want is something to keep us warm and shield us from the elements as we walk to work/the local shop/the local pub.

Well, we think we just found that coat that has answered all of our prayers.

While taking a scroll through the Penneys website, I spotted this longline puffer jacket. It’s basically just a puffer jacket that is super, extra long so it will keep everything from your neck to your ankles warm.

Coming in at €45, it may be a bit more expensive than other Penneys items, but it’s definitely worth it if it’s going to keep you warm for the cold spell upon us.

And better yet; if you’re only popping out to the shop, who cares what you’re wearing underneath – absolutely nobody will see!

It’s a win-win from us and we’re definitely going to pick one up this week.