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05th Nov 2020

Dress worn by Kate Middleton while visiting Ireland named ‘Dress of the Decade’

The dress of the decade!

I didn’t even know there was an actual award for ‘Dress of the Decade’, but here we are and I guess I didn’t win.

Leave it to Vogue Magazine to be busy behind the scenes carefully picking out their favourite looks and making lists of the most stunning dresses worn by celebrities over the past decade.

That’s ten years worth of fashion. Ten years.

Well, Kate Middleton’s emerald green dress has been named dress of the decade by the publication, and the best part is that she wore it while on her three day tour of Ireland.

Kate is known for her incredible style so it is really not a huge surprise that Vogue has chosen a piece that she wore for the the prestigious nod.

The dress is known as the ‘Falconetti’ and it was designed by British designer The Vampire’s Wife.

Kate wore the piece while visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin earlier this year. It was the perfect emerald green for the occasion with a hint of shimmer throughout, and has stayed in our minds ever since we saw her standing there looking promptly royal with a pint of Guinness in her hand.

“The Vampire’s Wife’s unassumingly sexy dresses looked good on everyone”, Vogue said about the designer.

The style icon paired the look with green suede heels. Only a few people can pull off green suede heels and Kate Middleton clearly is one of them.

Vogue’s task of finding the Dress of the Decade must have been tough considering there have been some incredible looks over the last ten years.

We’re talking Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and all the Kardashians – but hey, none of them wore something as timeless as this, we guess.