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24th Jan 2018

Coach handbags has teamed up with Minnie Mouse and it’s wonderful

There goes my rent money.

Denise Curtin

Calling all princesses.

Coach handbags has teamed up with Minnie Mouse for their latest collaboration and we have serious bag envy.

Every other bag is now officially sh*t in our eyes thanks to this collection – and what better timing than the present for a collection with Disney’s favourite girl Minnie Mouse as she has just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, yeow.

The collection which has just dropped on Coach’s website is already selling out. Now, the collection is pretty expensive so you have been warned, we are not to blame if you drop some big bucks however, we will babysit your precious new handbag for you if you ever need it.

The new collaboration also includes wallets and keychains completing the look of course.

Minnie Mouse Kisslock bag



Rouge 25 with Minnie Mouse patches

Rouge with Minnie Mouse patches

Minnie Mouse Coin Case



Dinky with Minnie Mouse patches

Crossbody clutch with Minnie Mouse patches



You can shop the whole collection online here.