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14th Sep 2023

Are clogs the next fall must-have? Stylist weighs in on the incoming trend


Autumn comfort is here…

It’s time to leave the open-toed shoes and high heeled sandals aside as we welcome the season of comfort in all its glory.

The weather is set to take a plunge over the coming months with the arrival of autumn, and while we’re already in search of the perfect coat, the latest shoe trend is emerging.

Enter, clogs.

“Clogs are effortless and for everyone,” stylist, Forza Mike, told Marie Claire.

“Dressy, sporty, or waterproof—whether you crave an attention-seeking shoe or choose to play it safe—there is a clog for you, and I can assure you, it’s comfortable.”

Mike went on to say clogs are the “perfect lazy fashion IT girl shoe. That is to say, they require little effort to look chic.”

The trend, which originated back in Holland in 1570, has been showing up on the runways of top brands like Chloé for the Fall/Winter 2023 season.

They luxury brand showcased a smooth leather version of the show without the typical large buckles or studs at the sides.

Meanwhile, Etro took their own stance on the backless option with studs making a comeback. They featured a pointier toe than usual and lateral cutouts along the top to show off your socks.

The Dutch traditional shoe was also seen on show at Loewe. They opted for a neon orange-hued version with a “pillowy, cloud-like silhouette”.

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