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17th Oct 2019

53 Degrees North’s new sustainability initiative can get you a sweet little discount

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by 53 Degrees North

Give back and get back to nature — why, those are two of our favourite things!

So, everyone, there’s an exciting new initiative entirely worth knowing about, especially as we’re entering chilly season.

Those grey skies and dropping temperatures may mean that you’re on the hunt for some snug, versatile, waterproof outdoor gear — and perhaps a trendy jacket too.

However, keeping in mind that we all need to make it a priority to become more sustainable in how we live, the folks at 53 Degrees North decided to team up with Focus Ireland, so all our pre-adored clothing can head to Focus Ireland’s Beloved Boutiques in Dublin and Cork, where it can find new owners while raising money for Focus Ireland.

Added to this fantastic news is that when you bring your clothes into 53 Degrees North you’ll also receive a sweet 20 per cent discount in-store on all new season Columbia clothing footwear and accessories! (Hurrah!)

Video made by JL Productions

Just think, if you’re planning more mountainous escapades, cycling along the Wild Atlantic Way or trekking through a whole host of scenic areas throughout Ireland and abroad, then consider preparing for it with some of the most advanced gear and enjoy it even more! Added to this is the fact that Columbia gear is such high quality, we can think of any piece from the range as an investment piece — it’s something we’ll have forever or certainly for countless years, and this is the best thing we can do for our planet.

Better yet, know that when you do bring your pre-loved clothes to 53 Degrees North, you’ll be helping to give funds to the Focus Ireland Charity. If you want to find out even more about the campaign, simply click here.

So, friends, get geared up this season, head outdoors and submerge yourself in all kinds of elements knowing your Columbia gear will have you snug as a bug and fit for a whole host of activities.

Brought to you by 53 Degrees North

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Video made by JL Productions
Director/Videography/Edit: Joe Ladrigan @joe.ire
Videography: Abe Neihum @abeneihum
Photography/Edit: Brian Reilly Troy