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18th May 2019

Three amazing serums that will visibly change your skin in just days

I have this thing about skincare.

To be fair – it kind of comes with the job when you write about beauty for a living, but seriously; I am obsessed with skincare like others are obsessed with makeup. Or Game of Thrones. Or whatever else people are in to.

It might sound terribly vain to be so consumed with looking after my skin, but think about it – don’t you in general feel so much better when you feel like your skin ooks good? Also, I have noticed that being mindful and taking the time to, for instance, deep cleanse my skin before doing some jade rolling or gua sha, it also makes me more inclined to look after myself in other ways too, like by going to sleep earlier, eating healthy and making time for a yoga class or an evening run.

Our face is the first thing others notice about us – it is, for all intents and purposes, our business card, the image we present to the world and the most important part of our bodies when it comes to interacting with those around us, be it with words or facial expressions or simply by meeting someone’s gaze and looking into their eyes.

The thing is – when it comes to looking after our skin, not all skincare is created equal.


If you’re going to get serious about your skincare routine and splurge on just one item, make it a serum.

And don’t just take my word for it – dermatologists agree, especially when it comes to anti-aging. Sure, moisturizers and face creams are crucial too, but serums have a lighter formula and are specifically designed to penetrate deeper into the skin barrier to deliver the active ingredients, making them much more effective.

In the name of research, I have been testing my way through a lot of new serums over the past few months, and right now; if you are to spend money on something that will really, really make a difference to your skin, these three are not going to disappoint:

1. Nunaïa Nourishing Radiance Serum

Being such a big fan of clean, natural beauty products, I was so happy to finally get to test out Nunaïa’s new Nourishing Radiance Serum recently. I admire their ethos of ‘Soil to Skin’ where they safeguard and protect the integrity of the high performance ingredients right from the growers until the product reaches your hands as a consumer.

In making this serum, Nunaïa ensures that all ingredients are grown, harvested and processed sustainably, and without the use of damaging chemicals and synthetic pesticides or herbicides. And not to be preachy, but I think we all need to look at how things we buy are made, and how it affects not only ourselves, but also the people who make it and our planet as a whole.

Anyway, back to the serum. My skin had been feeling a little dry and irritated after winter, but after 4-5 days applying this to my skin every evening, I started to notice a difference. My skin suddenly seemed tighter and more radiant and glowy. After a week I had totally fallen in love with my new little evening ritual of applying the serum, then giving myself a little face massage with my jade roller to really help it sink into my skin.

Nunaïa’s Nourishing Radiance Serum is super-nourishing and effective as it is filled with essential fatty acids, brightening vitamins A, B, C and E, and some seriously potent anti-oxidants, meaning that yes, it isn’t cheap, but on the flip side, it really, really works.



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2. Clarins Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum

As we age, our skin starts to loose its firmness and bounce. Add to that some sun damage and some questionable lifestyle choices (relying a little heavily on coffee and vino…?) and the reality is that by our mid-30s, most of us should absolutely start paying some extra attention to our skin and how we can help it look its best and prevent it ageing prematurely.

I have been a fan of Clarins for a long time, and believe that they really manage to create products that deliver what they promise (top tip – if you have never tried their Beauty Flash Balm, get yourself to your nearest Clarins counter ASAP).

Anyway, recently, the experts at Clarins added a new wonder product to their collection in the form of the Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum, and it is no wonder that this product instantly received cult status with women across the globe.

Designed for skin aged 40+, I am still in my 30s, and would hands down recommend this to anyone – it really was that good. After applying it in the evening, I actually noticed a difference the very next day, when the skin around my cheeks and chin looked visibly tighter and more refined.

According to the experts at Clarins, the visible lift effect is much thanks to the action of two new tightening plant sugars (blue agave and quinoa).

Another Clarins plant discovery, white lupine extract, then helps optimize the expression of filamin, a protein which contributes to the look of tighter skin. Which results in younger-looking skin that appears smoother and with far less lines and imperfections.



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A duo worth indulging in this #SkinCareSunday. ? #ExtraFirming #Clarins

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3. No7 Laboratories Firming Booster Serum

Boots’ own No7 line has ammassed a proper cult following in the years since it launched – and for good reason.

Here are products that not only are at a price point where many can afford them, but that are also really, genuinely effective and deliver on their promise. Their brand new Firming Booster Serum is no different, and has been clinically proven for areas of the face most prone to loss of firmness – and you will actually see the results for yourself in just days.

I used it, as it was suggested on the box, on both my face and also neck, and could while I have to admit I haven’t yet reached a stage (or age) where I feel like my neck is becoming an issue, it still amazed me just how much smoother and tighter my skin there looked having tried this serum for a few days.

The experts at Boots suggest applying this morning and evening before adding any of your other skincare products, and I loved the applicator, which then sort of turned into a facial massage device. Like with other skincare rituals, I think applying this was a lovely and soothing start and end to my day, and you know, when you are a busy mum, having those few moments where you just get to focus on doing something lovely for yourself, they are worth their weight in gold – and firmer-looking skin.



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Meet our NEW LABORATORIES FIRMING Booster Serum. Skin looks lifted, toned and tighter in 1 week* #No7Laboratories #FacetheFuture #Skincare #Firming #Skin #SkincareRegime #No7

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