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29th Sep 2018

This mini marathon will give you a workout AND there’s goodies at the end

mini marathon

Brought to you by Dublin Simon Community. 

Get those legs pumping, people!

Or strolling casually, whichever floats your boat. As long you get yourselves to this mini marathon, it’s up to you what speed you want to tackle it.

This marathon is a great, low-impact workout for anyone trying to get in their daily run. But for those of you who just want to enjoy a leisurely stroll, the track is a lovely 8km stretch through Phoenix Park, so is easily walkable.

The run is to help raise money in the fight against homelessness. So you can enjoy your workout knowing that you’re helping improve the lives of so many people living without a home.

AND for those of you who aren’t exactly thrilled by the thought of a run of any length (can’t really say we blame you), there is a festive village at the end of the course that has loads of goodies, food, and drinks where you can recover and refuel. There will be some great music and entertainment there too.

The run is organised by Dublin Simon Community, who help people and families who have lost their homes. Currently, they are looking after over 6,200 people and families in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Louth, Cavan, and Monaghan.

The homelessness and housing crisis is at an all-time high in Ireland and, at the moment, there are officially around 10,000 adults and children living without a home. Though this number does not include people sleeping rough, living in squats, or staying in domestic violence refuges.

The Simon Home Run is a way for the public to raise money to help thousands of people who find themselves in such a desperate position.

Dublin Simon Community provides services for people who find themselves without a home as well as helping those on the verge of homelessness. They work to prevent the issue before it becomes a reality so that no one ever has to experience the hardships of homelessness.

As the year moves into autumn, it is crucial that people are looked after and have somewhere safe to stay before the colder months of winter.

To do your part to stop this crisis, sign yourself up for the run on Saturday, 6 October. Registry for the event is €25. If you have any little ones in your care that day, sure bring them along – kids can run for free!

As part of the entry process, Dublin Simon Community will also set you up with an optional fundraising page so friends and family also have the chance to show their support.

It’s sure to be good fun and that festive village sounds PARTICULARLY tempting. Definitely a mini marathon we won’t be missing.

Brought to you by Dublin Simon Community.

Give a helping hand – or foot – at the Simon Home Run this October to raise money for the fight against homelessness. Register here to sign yourself up. The Dublin Simon Community has been working to stop homelessness since 1969. To learn more about this wonderful community, follow them on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram