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25th Nov 2018

There’s a workout and brunch morning happening that’s perfect for you and your mates

Anna Daly


Where there’s a brunch, there’s a way.

Exercising can sometimes be the worst thing you have to do. Once you get into your routine it’s great and you start to feel amazing, but for those of us who have let things slide a little (or a lot, whatever, no one’s perfect), that first workout can be a killer.

That’s why you need a bit of incentive to get yourself started. And what’s the best incentive? Food, obviously.

Luckily for us, there’s a workout event on Sunday, 2 December, that we think is going to be the perfect introduction into exercise life. AND it includes a delish brunch (and other yummy goodies) afterwards. Yesss.


The event is run by Movement+, who has been holding workout and brunch sessions over the last few weeks in various snazzy locations. This time the event is taking place at the lovely Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) on Ely Place so we will be yoga-ing in style.

You have the choice of either yoga or Pilates, with each class starting at 10am and 11am respectively. There will be a brunch after each session which is sure to be healthy but utterly scrumptious too. It’s the perfect exercise meetup for you and your besties. A great little health boost before all the Christmas treats start flowing in.

Places are limited for the sessions though so make sure to get tickets pronto. We, for one, are so looking forward to this crunch and brunch sesh.