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07th Feb 2018

Cork’s Ashling Thompson has a pre-game workout and it’s GOALS

We want to be THAT strong!


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“Start unknown, finish unforgettable.”

Those are the words of Cork’s camogie champ, Ashling Thompson, who is proving to be an absolute force of nature. With an All-Ireland camogie final win under her belt and a determination unlike any other, this woman is on top of her game.

That’s not to say she’s a stranger to failure – Ashling has had plenty of that before reaching success, and has been quoted as saying;

“Failure is delay, not defeat.”

Despite so many people working hard to achieve their goals, this is a truth many people forget, resulting in lost confidence plus the strive for greatness in what they do. But Ashling has never let doubt creep in. Instead she has hit the gym non-stop to build incredible strength and stamina – ensuring she’s ready for anything out on there on the pitch.

In preparation for a new season, she commits herself to strenuous exercises that build her shoulders, and touchen her arms and back. Upper body is her big focus as it’s vital for someone playing midfield.

Although Ashling’s career depends on her strength and fitness, this way of living is everyone’s top priority, especially when a lot of us spend our time sitting and not moving. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to join Ashling’s fitness plan.

It’s intense, it’s insane, it will hurt and it’s entirely awesome! Start training to feel fantastic and energised. Give yourself the tools to find build on your success now and stay driven.

Brought to you by Red Bull.