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12th Jun 2024

Young woman from Co. Carlow left ‘unable to move’ after Dubai yacht accident

Sophie Collins

Tasha Keane

A young woman from County Carlow is in serious condition at a Dubai hospital following a fall from a luxury yacht

Tasha Keane, in her 20s, was attending a friend’s birthday celebration on a two-storey yacht in Dubai when the accident occurred.

According to her sister Róisín, Tasha lost her balance and fell backward, head first, into the water while not wearing shoes. 

A lifeguard named Benjamin witnessed the incident and quickly jumped into the sea to save her. 

When he pulled her back onto the deck, her friends feared the worst, assuming she was dead due to the severity of her injuries.

As a result of the fall, Tasha suffered serious head injuries and lacerations to her liver. 

She was rushed to a Dubai hospital where she remains in serious condition. 

Fortunately, Róisín reported that Tasha did not suffer any brain or spinal damage.

“You hear of these freak accidents happening, but you never think it’s going to happen to anyone you know, never mind your younger sister,” Róisín shared with KCLR’s 96FM.

Tasha is currently unable to move and is being closely monitored. She required 14 stitches in her head and suffered significant blood loss. 

The impact of the water also lacerated her liver, and there is concern about potential internal bleeding.

To add to the family’s distress, Tasha’s medical bills are accumulating rapidly, far exceeding what her family can afford. 

“If she ever needs surgery, it’s going to cost €50,000… So far, just being in the hospital has cost €10,000,” Róisín explained. 

“She even had a seizure which she doesn’t remember, so they need to keep monitoring her.”

Róisín plans to fly to Dubai to be with her sister. Due to the severity of her injuries, it will be at least six weeks before Tasha is allowed to fly home.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has acknowledged the accident and is prepared to provide consular assistance if required. 

Meanwhile, nearly €9,000 has been raised via GoFundMe to help cover Tasha’s medical expenses. 

Appealing for donations on the platform, Róisín wrote: “Our beloved sister, Tasha, recently experienced a devastating accident while on a yacht in Dubai. 

“She fell from two storeys high and suffered a severe head injury. Tasha is currently in a hospital in Dubai, fighting hard to recover. The medical bills have already reached €10,000, and they continue to climb. 

“We are kindly asking for donations to help cover Tasha’s medical expenses in Dubai. Any amount, no matter how small, will make a huge difference in her journey toward healing.”

She added, “Tasha is a strong and vibrant person, and with your support, we believe she can overcome this challenging time. 

“Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and if you can, donate to help Tasha get the medical care she desperately needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and support.”