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02nd Mar 2018

Woman pulled from the sea at Dublin’s Forty Foot during storm today

She had gone in for a swim.

Tony Cuddihy

Dramatic footage from the Forty Foot.

Gwen Thomas and her husband were out for a drive on Friday when they saw a woman go into the sea at the famous Forty Foot outdoor swimming spot in Dublin.

The woman quickly got into trouble, with Gwen’s husband and another man forced to help her get to safety.

“The more people who see this as a deterrent, the better,” Gwen told our colleagues at JOE.

“The lady went in for a swim herself – she didn’t fall. She was in her swimsuit and swim cap. The Forty Foot is famous for it, but you’d like to think they’d know better today when there’s a red alert.”

Gwen describes how the woman was not the only person prepared to risk their lives, and those of others, during Friday’s storm.

“After she was rescued, she disappeared and went off and two other came down in the swimming trunks and were only stopped by the fact the police pulled up.

“They got out and scarpered when they heard the sirens, they knew they were doing a stupid thing.”