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12th May 2016

The world’s most popular brand names have been revealed

Are you loyal to these?

Ellen Tannam

No matter how much you don’t want to admit it, you’re totally loyal to certain brands and you can’t do much about it.

Sure, look at what happens to some people when they’re offered Pepsi instead of Coke? Ructions.

Well, Forbes have released the list of the top ten most powerful brands in the world.

10. GE $36.7 B

This massive multinational company does a lot, across energy supply, mining, foods and aviation.

9. McDonald’s $39.1 B

Enough said. Excellent nuggets, scary clown mascot.


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8. Disney $39.5 B

One of the most powerful corporations on earth.

7. IBM $41.4 B

This massive IT company have offices here in Dublin.

6. Toyota $42.1 B

The Japanese car company is one of the most popular in Ireland.

5. Facebook $52.6 B

We would have imagined Zuckerberg and Co. would have been higher on the list.

4. Coca-Cola $58.5

Sorry about it, Pepsi.


3. Microsoft $75.2 B

Bill Gates is still doing well for himself.

2 Google $82.5 B

Where would we be without it?

1 Apple $154.1 B

Despite recent falling profits, Tim Cook and his cohorts are still doing well.

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(via Giphy)

Cheers to the guys at JOE for this one.