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05th Mar 2024

‘I laughed in my friend’s face when she revealed her baby’s name’

Kat O'Connor

Was this woman’s reaction to her friend’s baby name wrong?

Some of our friends aren’t always going to give their children a name we love. It’s their choice and it’s something we should support, right? Well, one woman was less than impressed when her friend revealed her daughter’s moniker.

Her reaction to the moniker has caused a rift between the pair, and we’re honestly not so surprised.

Writing on Reddit, the woman explained that her friend called her daughter Ghiuliyette (pronounced Juliet).

“So I, 21, have been friends with Loreen, 22, for 17 years now and we’re really close. She recently gave birth to her daughter and she and her husband recently told us the name.

“They decided to name their daughter Ghiuliyette (pronounced Juliet) and her middle name is Mahriya. I thought the spelling was a joke until she told me they are serious.”

The friend couldn’t understand why they would ruin such a beautiful name by changing the spelling so drastically.

“I told her, that with the spelling is just going to ruin that little girl’s life. She got mad and told me to stop “ruining“ her mood and that I’m being mean.

“I’m completely honest. The spelling is just bad. Nothing else can explain it. Why ruin such a beautiful name by including letters that don’t belong there?” she asked.

She explained that her remarks had somewhat tainted their friendship because the new mum was so hurt.

“I texted her yesterday and told her that the little girl will try to change it or at least go by her middle name since it’s normal. She told me to stop texting her, that I’m a bad friend and that I’m being the a*****e for making fun of the name. I don’t think I am.”

Do you think the friend was in the wrong?

If you were in this situation, would you have kept silent on the controversial moniker or spoken your mind?