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12th Jul 2021

Hairdressers in the UK are to be trained in cutting all hair types

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s about time.

With calls for more inclusivity in all industries, hairdressing is the latest to bring some more diversity into the workplace.

It has been announced that all hairdressers in the UK will be trained in cutting and styling Afro and textured hair, and will be a standard practice for all training from now on.

Reported in the National Occupational Standards for Hairdressing guidelines, it will now be included when hairdressers in training are being taught to cut all hair types.

“The British Beauty Council is delighted that through the formation of our task force to support the revised NOS in collaboration with HABIA, we have been instrumental in pushing for this important change to represent all hair types in one standard,” Helena Grzesk, the chief operating officer for the British Beauty Council, told POPSUGAR.

“We have supported the industry and HABIA ever since we launched and have campaigned for the standards to reflect and represent the diverse range of hair types and textures of clients across the hair and beauty sector.”

Before now, there was no requirement for hairdressers to specialise in cutting different types of hair, especially Afro or textured hair.

Many people have had to search and travel further than needed just to get their hair done, everything from protective braids to a simple wash cut and blow dry, as many salons didn’t cater for their hair.

“I am so glad that we are moving in the right direction, now that the standards have come into play with such an important step,” hairstylist and founder of the Ebony Doll Braiding Head Dionne Smith also told POPSUGAR.