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22nd Dec 2020

“No one said a thing:” Bake Off’s Ali Imdad racially abused on bus

Melissa Carton

“In a packed bus, no one said a thing.”

Great British Bake Off contestant Ali Imdad has shared a video of himself being racially abused on a bus in Birmingham.

In the video, which Ali shared on Twitter, a female passenger on the bus accused the 33-year-old of being a terrorist.

Imdad shared the video to social media, saying: “Not only was I called a bomber and accused of ruining the country for being Asian, when I challenged the Karen, the driver threatened to throw ME off the @nxwestmidlands bus. In a packed bus, no one said a thing.”

In the video the woman can be heard accusing Imdad of “all these bombings.”

The woman got off the bus shortly after but Imdad says the bus driver also told him to get off, despite him being the victim of the abuse.

According to the Daily Mail Imdad said:

“The bus driver heard what was being said because a minute or two later he literally stopped the bus, pulled the keys out, stepped outside and said: “I need you to get off the bus.” He was talking to me.’ “

Imdad said that the bus driver attempted to kick him off before his stop because he was “shouting.”

The 2013 Bake Off contestant said that he told the bus driver he would be quiet for the rest of the journey, but was frustrated that the driver had said nothing to the woman who had been shouting at him.

Imdad has reported the incident to both the West Midlands Police and National Express West Midlands.