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26th Jul 2023

Ireland AM’s Katja Mia reveals she was racially abused by group of teens

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Ireland AM presenter Katja Mia has shared the upsetting news that she was racially abused by a group of teenagers this week.

The incident happened when the TV personality was on the Luas shortly after leaving the Virgin Media Television studios.

The model took to her Instagram stories to explain the situation, writing: “LOL remind me to never go on the red line again.. there are 4 white teenagers shouting the N word to me on repeat to try get a reaction from me…”

“These racist kids really think they run this town now,” she added.

Katja then returned to her Instagram stories later to thank her followers for their support and kind messages, and explained how she was feeling after the incident.

She wrote: “I appreciate all your messages condemning what happened yesterday, yous are so kind. I didn’t put that video up to get any apologies/sympathy. I’ve actually realised I play down a lot of racial incidents but it’s actually NEVER ok.

“Having someone racially abuse you when you’ve done absolutely nothing to provoke them is so intimidating and hurts the soul a little. It’s actually sad that I’ve learned to become ‘used to it’ but black people learn to grow up with thick skin because we go through life with most of the world against us.

“I would’ve said something back but there were 5 male teens and I was scared but they’re all little sh*ts and I’m gonna keep going through life winning cuz that’s what we DO.”